Blog Guidelines

Please adhere to the following guidelines before sending us your submission so that they generate an optimum response from our readers:

Editing & Proofreading:

All submissions received by Ochre Media’s content team are subject to revaluation and proofreading in order to eliminate any erroneous phrasing or grammatical inaccuracy. We encourage our contributors to ensure that the piece is editorially clean and rectified even before it is sent to us so that we can establish a trusted rapport with their work.

Industry Relevance:

As mentioned above, we prefer our services to numerous industries and it is these domains that need to be targeted through our blog page. Articles pertaining to plastics, defence, automation, sports, steel, pharmaceutical, healthcare, automotive, packaging etc are more than welcome to ordain the blog section of our website but it is imperative that no material outside of these realms is submitted to us as it has little to no relativity with what we do.


Lastly, we highly recommend that you annex an image or two to your post so that it is visually more aesthetic and corroborates your content with pictorial illustration.

Once these guidelines are followed, your submission becomes eligible for publication and you can view your entry on our blog page forthwith.

NOTE: Promotional links shall be included in the blog entry for a stipulated charged.

We hope to create a longstanding rapport and association with you as our contributor because what you submit is food for thought which is laid out on our company’s information platter.