App store Optimization – Boost your Sales

Mobile phone apps are becoming increasingly popular with businesses of all sizes and all of them will need to appreciate what app store optimization can do to boost their sales.

Many of these firms are responding to the growing need from customers to create an app they can utilize to buy the firm’s services or goods.

While most of these customers will find the app from the firm’s website, there’s also a pressing need to find new customers who would enjoy the app but who would not necessarily access the website to download it.

With a growing number of mobile apps now available, there are apparently now around three million apps in existence, means that firms and mobile app publishers need to market their offering effectively.

This also means a new terminology will become more popular; while everyone has heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), more people will also now get to hear of ASO.

App store optimization

App store optimization– or ASO – is a means of marketing the app to potential customers so they can easily find it.

Statistics show that users in Europe find apps by browsing in the app stores, in 63% of cases, or by speaking with family and friends, for 50% of users.

One of the easiest ways is to browse the ‘most popular’ or ‘top-rated’ mobile apps, which was key for 34% of mobile app users, and for 20% of those who use mobile apps, the app was already installed on their phone.

For those who do not appreciate it, ASO is a process which will optimize a mobile app to rank higher in the search results of an app store.

By doing so, the app will become more visible to potential customers which in turn will lead to traffic to the app in the app store itself.

Aim of app store optimization London is to boost traffic

The whole aim of app store optimization London is to boost the traffic to the page and see an uptake in the number of people who then download the app for their own personal use.

However, this isn’t just a simple process of implementing SEO tactics since ASO requires a specific understanding of what the app’s potential customers are actually searching for to deliver the required results.This often means that keywords are a crucial part of the marketing plan.

To put this plainly, any business that is offering its potential clients a mobile app needs to undertake ASO to boost their app’s search rankings which will in turn boost the app’s level of discovery.

Businesses that target being on the latest smartphones should not lose sight of the fact that lots of apps are competing for the attention of their potential customers and proper investment is needed in app store optimization to deliver success.

It should also be appreciated that ASO is not simply a one-off exercise and it needs to be carried out on a regular basis to ensure the app remains the success it deserves to be.

For those businesses who want to introduce a successful mobile app it is always a worthwhile exercise to speak with an agency that has the experience and expertise in delivering success with app store optimization to find out what they can do beforehand.

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