8 Tips to the Ultimate Holy Land Tour Experience

Those who want to enjoy traveling to one of the most incredible places in the world can visit Jerusalem, which proves to be a captivating location that features some of the most historic sites to visit. Once you get to Israel, make sure you have planned your Holy Land Tour itinerary in advance as there are so many sites to see! It’s also important to follow a few tips to maximize the tour and get the most out of it each day.

Holy Land Tours

1. Put the Camera Down

Although it may seem abnormal to ditch your camera and enjoy the tour without taking a few photos, it’s important to truly enjoy the tour without having to record every minute of it. Taking in the views and sites without worrying about getting the perfect shot to share on social media will make it a richer experience that will create better memories. Limit your pictures to the first or last minutes of the visit so you can focus on taking in everything your guide and the sights have to offer.

2. Maintain Your Energy

Every tour that is taken outdoors can have a few people who struggle to keep up. Instead of enjoying the tour, they’re worried about keeping up with the pace of the rest of the group. Make it a point to bring plenty of water to ensure that you’re hydrated and load up on snacks that you can take with you. Pack beef jerky, nuts, and dried fruit for healthy snacks that won’t deplete your energy levels. Drinking enough water will also reduce your risk of suffering from heat stroke if it’s a warm day. Lastly, if you are falling behind, speak with your tour operator about rearranging your itinerary.

3. Get to Know the Itinerary

It’s important that you are aware of each place that you’ll be visiting on the tour to ensure that you know what to expect. Review the itinerary beforehand to make sure that you are aware of the significance of each location. Use your Bible to look up certain scriptures that describe the setting and the event that originally took place at the site. This will help you to have a greater understand and appreciation of each place that is visited on the tour.

4. Model Christianity

Just because you’ve paid for your tour and can have your needs met by your bus driver or tour guide doesn’t mean that it’s a reason to take advantage of those who are there to serve you. Maintain a Christian attitude and behavior while showing your gratitude for their service. You can lead by example and may even have the chance to lead someone to Christ.

5. Create a System with the Photos You Take

Make it a point to take photos with other people instead of just taking a photo of the site itself. This will show the scale of the background and can personalize your photos to make them more unique. Keep a list of each place that you visit to ensure that you can properly label your photos once they’re printed. Although you may be an expert on Jerusalem, it can be easy to forget each place that you explore due to hundreds of stops that you’ll make.

You can also GeoTag for an easy way of remembering the exact location of the photos. This is only possible if your bus has wifi.

6. Journal the Experience

Holy Land Tours can be very extensive, which can make it easy to get lost in the details and forget how you’re feeling each day. It’s important to journal your experience once you return to your room or even as you’re on the bus traveling. This will make it easier to remember any spiritual insights that you may have had during the trip.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Your tour guide is there to assist you and help you to learn more about Jerusalem. Mentally take notes of any questions that you have at each location while asking about the biblical significance of the area. Each tour guide is passionate about the history of Jerusalem and is more than willing to help you stay informed.

8. Get to Know Other Tourists

It can be easy to keep to yourself as you take in the sites, but it’s important to get to know other people who are attending the tour. Not only will this allow you to make new friends, but you can learn more about the sites just by exchanging knowledge with one another.

Sophia wright

I am professional writer and love to write on various channels.

Sophia wright

I am professional writer and love to write on various channels.

Sophia wright

I am professional writer and love to write on various channels.

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