5 Ways to Get An Exhibition Ready

Exhibitions and trade shows may come with a number of upfront costs, but the value of meeting and greeting hundreds of potential new customers or clients means you’ll be reaping the rewards long after you’ve packed up for the day. In an environment where visitors are prepared for your marketing strategies and sales tactics, an exhibition can be a goldmine for businesses looking to share their services with new leads and make some sales.

With a wide range of competitors under one roof and a limited amount of time available, it’s all the more important to do what it takes to stand out. So, how do you make the most of your exhibition? Today, we’re taking a look at some top tips to follow when preparing for the big day – so you can maximise sales and make the investment of time and money worthwhile.


Plan Your Stand

In an expo environment, the right location can make all the difference to a business’s success. Investing in a desirable location with good visibility will naturally come at a higher cost, but this will be well worth the extra investment when you consider the increased amount of footfall that will pass your stand. To ensure that your stand will be profitable, consider what your primary aims are for the trade show and explore the the range of prices and options available.

If a premium spot isn’t a viable option, that doesn’t mean the exhibition won’t lead to a triumph. Desirable products combined with the right advertising strategy can persuade potential clients to take a detour and pay a visit to a stand in a more obscure location. Wherever you are, ensure that the design of your stand will attract attention. A well-presented display will make passersby far more likely to stop and see what you have to offer, so invest some time into planning the design.

Share the Event Online

In the run up to the exhibition, make sure the world knows that you’ll be attending. Use your social media accounts as a broadcasting tool to let current followers know where you’ll be and get in touch with the exhibition’s organisers. Interactions with other relevant businesses and brands online is invaluable – helping you to harness the power of networking and gain more loyal followers.

Choose a Reliable Printing Company

Eye-catching signage letting visitors know who you are and what you do is a must-have at an exhibition. While your motivated and well-prepared staff will be ready to sell to passersby, making your brand ethos clear, concise and cohesive across all of your display materials will be also be crucial in sealing the deal. A reliable printing company can provide high-quality overhead signs and promotional flyers, fully customised to reflect your branding.

Professional quality printed flyers and business cards are a vital part of any expo attendee’s arsenal – ensuring that promising new leads remember your name long after they leave the show. As well as offering a business card to every visitor at your stall, proactive product promotions can also be a great way of inspiring a future sale. Make the most of the quieter periods by asking members of staff to distribute promotional leaflets to visitors in busier areas of the hall. They may not pay a visit to your stall on the day, but you may find that this plants a seed for future communications further down the line.

Source Customised Point of Sale Displays

Exhibition stands often come with a limited amount of space, so utilising your allotted area as best you can is vital. Add extra shelving space for your products or free samples by bringing your own fully-customised point of purchase display. As well as making products easily accessible, free-standing display units that are tailor-made for your business will add a level of professionalism to your presence and help to maintain that all-important brand image.

Always Follow-Up

After a long day of building relationships with new clients, the hard work still doesn’t stop. Following up with visitors is one of the most underrated tactics at your disposal – and one that’s often forgotten by businesses. Follow up with any particularly promising leads by making calls as well as sending printed literature and even making contact through your social media channels. Time is of the essence, so set yourself a follow-up deadline – for example, within the next week.


An exhibition is an ideal opportunity to showcase your business, meeting face-to-face with potential clients and networking with exciting new leads. Motivated staff will be fully trained to manage the sales on the day, but it’s the planning and preparation that will allow you to get the most out of each exhibition. Pave the way to success by showing passersby that you’re a cut above the rest with your high-quality stand design – and make sure you’re fully prepared to nurture any new leads that come your way once the big day is over.

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Latest posts by Tegan M (see all)

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