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Business growth entails a lot of hard work and it can be expensive too. But still, it isn’t discouraging. What makes it a little daunting are the misconceptions and myths associated with it that often leaves many people in a great dilemma.

So let’s quickly differentiate such misconceptions from facts! These will not only aid you to understand things that are important for your business growth but will also help you enhance your Business Intelligence Solutions.

Myth I: Business growth increases revenues

Fact: Business growth ensures increased revenues, but not always! Today, new- age companies that are more focused on growth consider their health and viability as top- line revenue. For such organizations, growth means increased visibility, long- term customer relationships, more value for customers, enhanced presence across cities & towns and continued survival. Therefore, growth is not always counted or calculated in revenues.

Myth II: Adequate cash flow, capital can make you meet growth

Fact: Capital can powerfully support your business; it can act as a foundation for your trade and assist you in establishing a venture but it may not help you meet growth and success! In today’s evolving business arena, market demographics constantly change and so do the demands and expectations of buyers. In such a scenario, you need to regularly anticipate new developments and accordingly invent business strategies to achieve continued growth; something more than what your cash does.

Myth III: I can do it without help

Fact: You may have a brilliant business idea but you cannot conquer the business forefront if you don’t have the expertise to enrich each aspect of the trade. Today, you may be good at Marketing or Sales but what about other important divisions such as Business Development, Human Resources, and Accounts? Hence, if you don’t have the required knowledge and proficiency to look into and enhance each aspect of business then incorporate another brain/ a partner/ a team in the business.

Remember- Teamwork of a passionate crew that can run the show led by you has the potential to achieve growth at a speedy pace.

Myth IV: I do not need technology to achieve growth

Fact: We are living in the era of innovation and technology where every customer, brand or a business is increasingly embracing it. Many sales professionals take help from technological tools such as Sales CRM, Marketing Automation CRM, Leads Management CRM Tool and more to streamline their business course. This innovation helps them reach out to their customers more wisely and with a more customized approach that often leads to sure- short sale, helping them to spur business growth.

Myth V: Growth is an outcome of sales and not your marketing plan

Fact: A marketing plan is equally important as sales. In fact, you cannot initiate sales if you don’t have a strategic marketing plan by-your-side. It is the Business Intelligence that has the power to connect you with customers, locally and globally; which is an integral requirement for growth of any business.

It significantly differentiates you from market competition and positions you well ahead of them, therefore, majority of your growth is dependent on your marketing plan.

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