5 Amazing Jobs You Could Land with an Engineering Degree

Being an engineering major has a lot of advantages, both while in school and after graduation. Besides the bragging rights that come with completing your online master of engineering, having a degree in this cutting edge industry can open doors and expand your career in ways never before imaginable. After graduation, you may not know exactly which area of engineering you want to go to. This list of five of the very best jobs in engineering can give you a good idea of what your salary potential may be, and can also help you to go in the direction that will leave you most satisfied professionally.

1. Engineering Consultant

Engineers have specialized knowledge on the way that things work as well as how to build and fix software, heavy machinery, highways, computer systems and even environmental issues. As an engineering consultant, you will be hired by startup companies, prestigious institutions of higher learning, law firms and hospitals among others, to provide hands-on solutions to their most challenging problems. Engineering consultants are generally hired as independent contractors, so that gives you the advantage of being able to negotiate both compensation as well as the hours that you work. If you want to put your online masters in engineering to good use, working as an engineering consultant would serve you well.

2. Aerospace Engineer

NASA might not be ready to build an outpost on Mars just yet, but those working in aerospace engineering have an opportunity to make it happen. The aerospace engineering industry requires a high degree of precision as well as exceptional mathematical skills, and those who can land a job in the industry find their careers to be highly rewarding. The equipment that astronauts use to repair space stations and the satellites that orbit the earth are built, tested and carefully calibrated by aerospace engineers.

3. Engineering Director

You will probably need many years of experience in the engineering industry before you would be able to qualify for an engineering director position, but this managerial role is very highly esteemed. Engineering directors oversee engineers working together on critical projects, checking their work and making sure that each step and milestone is met accordingly. You will definitely need a masters of engineering online degree in order to start a career as an engineering director.

4. Petroleum Engineer

The petroleum industry is big business, and engineers are highly valued on oil rigs, in boardrooms and in other capacities. Although higher concentrations of petroleum engineering jobs tend to be located in certain geographic areas, you may be able to work off-site or at a satellite location if you are proven to be invaluable to your employer. If you have well developed problem solving skills, you will likely do well as a petroleum engineer.

5. Software Engineer

Software companies are always on the lookout for talented engineers who can help them to update existing products and develop new suites of software for demanding clients. With an online master in engineering, software companies will want to hire you onto their teams, and will go through great lengths to recruit you. If you excel with computer based technologies, going into the software engineering industry may be the right career move for you.

Most people still in school for engineering think carefully about the industries they would prefer to work in after graduation. While it is always possible to change paths after graduation, knowing where you ultimately want to go will help you with selecting the right classes. Discover the world of engineering and find a job that is well matched to your personality as well as your specialized skills.

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