4 Best Degrees for Online Entrepreneurs

If you intend to start a business, it helps if you have the right skills to run one. Some skills you learn on the job. Others are innate. Finally, there are those skills you learn in school, especially business school. In this case, a business degree or MBA comes to mind.

But do you really need a degree in business to be a successful entrepreneur? The answer to this particular question is: not at all. Here are more degrees for online entrepreneurs.

1) Business or Economics

Whether you work online or not, these degrees are the most obvious ones to have if you are an entrepreneur. A business or an economic degree gives you the necessary entrepreneurial skills to survive in the world of business.

For this reason, almost every entrepreneur out there has either one of the two. And those who never pursued a bachelor’s degree in either course usually enhance their business credentials by getting an MBA.

2) Accounting or Finance

Just because you lack a business degree does not mean you also lack what it takes to run a business effectively. Having an accounting or finance degree also gives you an edge in business. Keep in mind that as an entrepreneur, you still have to crunch the numbers, meet your tax obligations, and invest any money you make.

An accounting degree helps you to both keep your books both in order and on track and to know what your tax obligations are. A finance one, especially if it is a master of a financial economics degree, helps you to develop a solid financial strategy for your business.

3) English or Communication

As an entrepreneur, you cannot avoid English, the international language of business. This has never been truer than it is today. Blogs, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media are either making or breaking businesses.

And, they all need proficiency in technical writing and the English language. So, if you lack this skill, you must hire an English graduate – that is unless you are one. Or, you can hire a graduate in communication.

4) Information Technology (IT) or Computer Science

As the whole world embraces computer technology, people with computer skills have a distinct advantage over their peers. Although this is true of all fields of industry, it is more so in the business world. Businesses are integrating automation, e-commerce, mobile apps, and websites into their operations.

In addition, some of the most profitable businesses today are tech startups. And to start and operate one, you need to have extensive computer skills – or in short, a degree in IT or computer science.


To be a successful entrepreneur, having a business or economics degree is important, not mandatory. You can also have an accounting or an online MFE degree to help you keep the books or to manage your finances.

Or, you can opt for an English or communication degree. Both are crucial to have if you write content for blogs, websites or SEO. And finally, go for an IT or computer science degree because computers are an integral part of all business operations.



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