3 Pillars That Will Hold Up Your Business When You Want to Smash It to the Ground

3 Pillars

Because the triangle is the most stable shape of all.

Business owners know from experience that it’s the “little things” that often cause the biggest headaches. This is probably because at some point or another the little things are the big things.

Often they’re only little because we brush them aside as little hassles, which is understandable, really, because often the little things are also the boring things. Or the difficult things. Nevertheless, brushing them aside only delays the pain.

This is where business coaching programs come into play. They help business owners sort through the details of operating a business successfully. Business mentor training programs are also useful resources for building structure that allows for growth, organisational restructuring, business model changes, performance development – all those “little things” that end up being, you guessed it: big.

Outside guidance can make a big difference in the smooth functioning of your day-to-day operations.

But when you want to pull your hair out anyway, these three pillars will remind you of why you got into this whole business thing – and fuel you up with ambition once again:

1. The Vision

The vision you have for your business will hold ultimate authority. It is the North Star that will guide you when times get rough and you don’t know where to go. How do you imagine your business at its absolute best? What difference do you want to make in the world? Questions like these–the big questions–will help you define your vision and keep your business on track.

2. The Mission

Imagine you’re knocking on a front door. Somewhere behind the door awaits your first date ever. But who answers? None other than the mother of your sweetheart! What are your intentions? she asks immediately. What are your goals? Hmm? What are you hoping to achieve on this little date of yours?

Your mission is specific. It’s clear. It is a means to the end (your vision). Don’t be discouraged by what’s “realistic” – Your mission is possible. And you intend to achieve it.

3. The Way

Here’s another mathematical tidbit: There is only one line that can be drawn between two points. Now here’s a fact about being a human and not a line: There are many, many, many ways to get from Point A to Point B, and how you get there matters.

Your business is an art. It is a reflection of your philosophy, your strengths and weaknesses, your dreams. It is a reflection of you. And as a business owner, you have decided to actively impact the world. Now it’s time to decide how you will do it.

Whether you step on fingers and arms to climb to the top or unite a group of people to build a human pyramid matters. The difference is everything. This pillar is not about there being a single way. It’s about taking the time to decide what your way will look like, who it will impact and what it will say about your endeavour.

So go forth and triangle on into the stormy night. Your business will thank you.

Paul Morris

SEO, content and social marketing specialist

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